Friday, December 8, 2017

about me


  1. Kia Ora Luke. My name is Jack from Paihia School.
    I liked your blog post about you and I struggle at writing in book’s as well. I’m not that good at handwriting which is why I like using a Chromebook. I think it’s good that you enjoy maths at school. Why do you like maths? Can you maybe reply to me when you can?
    Yours Faithfully, Jack A.

  2. Kia ora Luke my name is Rikki-Dean and I go to Paihia School. I like your writing about your all about me. I liked how you described what you liked and what you find hard. I liked how you said your favorite subject at school is maths and you said there was this very hard question that you call not get then you just keep on trying and you got it. I do that sometimes and then i just get it straight away.
    Keep up the good work.