Friday, October 20, 2017

my exposition writing


My Goals: 3 areas that I need to work on to improve my Exposition writing (from the rubric)
1. To get a lot of ideas about the topic
2. My writing matches the purpose or text type most of the time
3. Most of my sentences tell the reader what I want them to know

Yes all children should get pocket money’

Planning: My reasons, why I agree or disagree ( you will pick only 3)
Saving to start adult live
Teaches you the importance of working for your money
Save up to what you want
Help pay bills
Forgot your lunch

Title of your exposition
My Notes
My Writing
-Start with a Rhetorical Question
-state your opinion
-give your 3 reasons why you think this
Yes all children should get pocket money

1. Saving to start adult live

2. Teaches you the importance of working for your money

3. Save up to what you want
Have you ever been paid for doing your chores? I haven't but I strongly agree that all children should get pocket money. Pocket money is money that children  earn from parents by doing work around the house. Children should get pocket money because firstly, they can save for their adult life. Secondly it can teach you how to make money and finally you can save for what you want.
Point 1
Expand on your first reason. Why do you think this? Why is it important?

Saving to start adult live

-university education


-deposit for a house

-buy a car
Firstly, children can save up for their adult live so they don't have a hard life as an adult and they can have a head start in money. Everything in an adult life cost money. If children start saving they can travel, buy a car, have a deposit for a house or pay for their university education.
Point 2
Expand on your second reason.

Teaches you the importance of working for your money

-expect to be given everything

-feels good / have pride or mana when we work for something

-looking after your money better
Secondly, when children do work around the house and getting pocket money they can be learning how it is like to get money as an adult. This will also teach children how to live independently when becoming an adult and know the importance on money by earning and saving their money for luxury things or simply paying bills.
Point 3
Expand on your third reason.

Save up to what you want

-so you don't need to ask your parents

-you can buy what exactly what you want
Finally if children save their own pocket money they can use their money to buy their own stuff instead of asking their parents to buy it for them.
Restate your opinion and why
You might recommend something for the reader to do or think. Why should they think the same as you?

And those are my three reasons why i think parents should give their kids pocket money

Teacher feedback: (what do you want Mrs Henare and Mrs Cowles to focus on in your writing?)
I would like to please look at….

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