Thursday, June 7, 2018


I need ideas i want to make
Pictures by using google slides
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Something to make so just
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Friday, May 25, 2018

how plastic bags are destructive by me

how are plastic bags destructive

My Focus for this piece of writing (from the writing pencils):My writing is structured appropriately and
is well developed. AND I use a range of language features that are appropriate to the purpose.  

My Writing
Have you ever wondered how plastic bags are destructive?

Plastic bags are the bags everybody uses in shopping or just to store other things in it. Plastic bags are
destructive because 1 BILLION plastic bags are used and dumped in new zealand. Plastic bags also
take 10 to 20 years to biodegrade in water. So how else is it destructive?

Firstly animals eat our plastic bags and die to them by starving to death because it makes the turtle
think that it's full when really it's starving or the turtle suffocates to death because the plastic bag
covers where it breaths. Over 100 MILLION marine animals die every year. Whales, birds, seals
and turtles are the animals that are mostly affected by the plastic in the water.

Secondly it is harmful to people because little children can suffocate by plastic bags because
hey may not know to to take off the plastic bag so they will suffocate. Toxic chemicals can go
into the soil and then everyone goes on that soil and they will get sick.

Finally plastic bags can really pollute our earth and it gets into our ocean by being so light so
it can easily go into rivers which then it flows into the ocean and then it goes to countries that
have so much rubbish it's insane and forests have rubbish in because people are lazy and just
drive to a cliff and drop all there rubbish into it and that rubbish can make it smell and make
trees roots go wrong so it dies faster.

Just overall plastic bags are really bad for our earth and maybe you can use reusable bags
instead of one use plastic bags and maybe we can save our earth.

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

My Math

Today i was learning about combining ratios, I found  it mostly easy to find the answer because i found the answer using this strategy and hopefully you can under stand too.